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Finding Relief from Chronic Pain

: About 100 million Americans have chronic pain, which can be a complex set of symptoms and causes that are hard to control. A pain specialist offers ad...

diabetes signs

4 Signs You May Be At Risk For Diabetes

: One in four Americans with diabetes is unaware that they have this serious but possibly preventable disease. Are you one of them? 4 warning signs watc...


New Ways To Head Off Headaches

: People suffering with frequent headaches know how much they can affect one's daily life. Here are some new remedies gaining ground with researchers.


Reduce Stress: 8 Tips To Zen Your Workspace

: Is your workspace full of distractions? Finding ways to bring more calm and order to your space and increase your productivity and reduce stress.


How To Turn Off Middle-Of-The-Night Insomnia

: Tossing, turning and staring at the clock in the middle of the night? Do's and don’ts to sleep more soundly and beat insomnia.

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5 Health Perks Of Pet Ownership

: A growing body of research suggests pet ownership also comes with some welcome health benefits. Here are 5 of them.

meningitis college kids

Meningitis: What Parents & Students Need To Know

: It’s time for college students to head off to school, either returning to campus or moving in for the first time. There’s a lot to do befo...


New Tool Lets You Hear The Way They Do

: The Hearing Loss Simulator allows people with normal hearing capabilities to hear what the world sounds like to someone with hearing loss.

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Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

: Struggling with weight loss? A sleep researcher explains why there is a direct link between too little or too much sleep and issues with weight manage...

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