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At Your Goal Weight? Great! Now What?

: People who succeed at losing weight and keeping it off shift their eating and exercise habits forever. Here are 9 tips to stay at your goal weight for...

hand washing

What’s the Dirt On Antibacterial Soap?

: The FDA recently banned antibacterial soap for consumers. An infectious disease expert explains why and what you need to know about proper hand hygien...

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Myth Or Fact? Folklore And Home Remedies Tested

: Some folk wisdom and home remedies for cold or flu symptoms have proven true. Others are plain false. We sort fact from fiction for these 6 common myt...

a pile of pill packages

Be Smart About Antibiotic Use

: Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections like the cold, flu and upper respiratory infections. In fact, taking them for a virus can cause...

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5 Causes Of Dandruff (And How To Treat Them)

: A dermatologist explains the 5 common causes of dandruff and what you can do to treat it, and in some cases, even eliminate it all together.

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6 Tips For A Healthier (And Happier) Black Friday

: Planning to seek out some great deals on Black Friday? Here are 6 tips to help you stay healthy and happy on your shopping adventure this year.

mother holding her son

The Power Of Gratitude

: Research shows that people who express gratitude are happier, more optimistic and have stronger immune systems and emotional ties. 5 tips to get start...

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Fact or Fiction? Busting 6 Myths About Asthma

: One in 12 Americans live with asthma, and understanding the triggers can help manage symptoms. Here are some common myths about asthma, de-bunked.

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Up in Smoke: The Truth About Cigarette Alternatives

: It’s no secret smoking is bad for your health. It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer (lung and otherwise) — and it's th...

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