Can Melatonin Help You Sleep Better?

: Many people rely on melatonin to minimize jet lag or help them feel drowsy, but it turns out that it's not as effective as a more natural solution: li...

people at dinner party

Small Gatherings Are Causing COVID-19 Spikes. Here's What To Know

: Letting your guard down is risky when it comes to COVID-19 transmission--even when you're just hanging with friends. Here's how to protect yourself an...

anxiety and digestion

Upset Stomach? Your Anxiety Might Be Affecting Your Digestion

: It's no secret that anxiety can make you feel sick to your stomach, but why and how do you address it?

elderly woman sitting at table

Understanding The Link Between Breast Cancer And Heart Disease

: Some cancer treatments may cause heart damage in certain individuals. A medical oncologist and cardiologist share what you need to know. 

flu shot

Do You Really Need A Flu Shot This Year?

: With added COVID-19 pandemic precautions, you may be wondering if a flu shot is necessary. Here's what you need to know.

woman taking supplement

What To Know Before Taking A Probiotic Supplement

: Probiotic supplements are a huge category in health and wellness, and many people are self-prescribing them. Here's what doctors have to say about it....

girl reading

The Uplifting Benefits Of Reading

: Picking up a spellbinding novel isn't just fun--it can make you happier. Here, a therapist shares the positive effects reading can have on our mental ...

carpal tunnel

Get A Handle On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

: A Henry Ford Health System hand surgeon discusses why carpal tunnel syndrome can get on your nerve — and what to do about it.

illustration of breast cancer survivors

Why Being A Woman Is Your Greatest Breast Cancer Risk

: A breast cancer surgeon shares the risk factor that every woman should know about--and explains what you can do to reduce your breast cancer risk.

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