man laying in bed with phone

Can An App Help Improve Your Sleep?

: A Henry Ford sleep behavior expert answers frequently asked questions about sleep apps and how they impact sleep quantity and quality.

female physician speaking with patient

When Should I Get My Cancer Screenings? A Guide by Age

: When should you be screened for certain cancers? A medical oncologist outlines the latest standard recommendations for cancer screenings for people wi...

Mother and daughter filling in paperwork

Advance Directive 101: Your Common Q's Answered

: An advance directive allows you to spell out your wishes to healthcare providers about treatment choices in the event you cannot speak for yourself. L...

arm with hospital bracelet and IV

10 Things To Bring To Chemotherapy

: A cancer nurse shares 10 items to take with you to your first chemotherapy appointment.

person sitting on toilet

How To Get (Mentally And Physically) Colonoscopy Ready

: Sometimes the worst part of a colonoscopy is the anticipation. An expert offers advice on how to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for thi...

woman with sleep mask in bed

Don't Lose Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time

: A Henry Ford pulmonologist and sleep expert offers simple tips on how to adjust your bedtime routine and sleep schedule so that you and your family ca...

older woman in red laughing

How Laughter Benefits Your Heart Health

: Not only does it feel good to laugh, but laughter is proven to have positive effects on your mental health, immune system and heart health.

man looking in mirror rubbing forehead

Hangxiety: The Link Between Anxiety And Alcohol

: Feeling anxious after a night of drinking? It's more common than you think. A Henry Ford expert explains the link between anxiety and alcohol and how ...

man sitting in chair

Should I Get A Lung Cancer Screening?

: A lung cancer screening recommended for those at high risk is helping to detect cancer at its earlier stages and increasing survival rates.

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