people on their phones

Why It’s Important To Get Out Of Your Echo Chamber—And How To Do It

: Being surrounded by like-minded people on social media and in real life can be detrimental in more ways than one. Here's how to broaden your horizons.

oral health and heart health

The Link Between Your Heart Health And Oral Health

: While gum inflammation isn’t a tell-tale sign you have a heart problem, if you or your dentist notices a change in your gum health, this could b...

woman applying moisturizer

5 Ways To Protect Your Skin During The Winter

: Dry, flaky skin doesn't have to be synonymous with winter. A dermatologist shares her top tips to keeping your skin healthy during the harsh, cold mon...

woman taking covid test

What’s The Difference Between COVID-19 PCR Tests And Antigen Tests?

: Here's what you need to know about each COVID-19 test, including how they work, when to take them--and how accurate they are. 

Aspirin in weekly pill box

Daily Aspirin Therapy: The Benefits And Risks

: While taking an occasional aspirin is generally safe, taking one daily comes with serious risks according to new aspirin guidelines. Here are 7 facts ...

doctor talking to patient

What Does It Mean To Be Diagnosed With Metastatic Cancer?

: Metastatic cancer occurs when the cancer has spread to a different organ from where it started. Learn everything to know about this type of cancer, in...

nurse putting bandage on arm

5 Reasons We Know The COVID-19 Vaccines Don't Have Long-Term Health Effects

: The COVID-19 vaccines will not change your DNA or lead to long-term health effects. Here's how we know. 


Preeclampsia Is A Risk During Pregnancy - Here's What You Need To Know

: Concerned about preeclampsia? Get the facts about this common condition that affects pregnant women.

health heart aging

Your Heart Might Be Older Than You—Here's How To Protect It

: An aging heart is inevitable, but there are simple steps you can take to live healthier and longer.

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