senior couple on bikes

Returning To Life After A Heart Attack

: A heart attack is a scary and life-changing event. As you recover, here are tips for safely adding exercise, intimacy and healthy new habits to your l...

woman meditating

6 Ways To Get Started With Meditation

: There are many ways to relax and clear one’s head, but few have a more measurable impact than meditation. 6 simple suggestions for how to get st...

woman hugging a man

How To Share (Or Not Share) A Cancer Diagnosis

: Part of coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis is deciding who to tell and how much to share. A psychologist shares advice for having those conversat...

older man holding his chest

What Is Heart Flutter?

: A cardiologist explains what you need to know if you experience heart flutter, or atrial fibrillation, which is the most common type of arrhythmia.

two women hugging

How To Make Friends As An Adult (And Why It Matters)

: Studies show that friendships improve quality of life and even health. But making new friends can be harder as an adult. A few tips on how to break th...

young man snoring

Sleep Apnea Basics: 4 FAQs Answered

: A sleep expert explains the basics of sleep apnea and answers four frequently asked questions about this common condition.

man looking at a pill bottle

Avoiding Antibiotic Overuse

: To safeguard your health (and get well if you’re ill!), here are 7 tips to minimize antibiotic overuse and understand the risks.

woman applying lotion

5 Tips To Care For Your Skin This Winter

: Harsh winters can be brutal on your skin. A dermatologist shares helpful tips for keeping your skin healthy, more hydrated and less irritated this win...

woman lying awake

Do You Have Signs Of These Rare Sleep Disorders?

: You've heard of sleep issues like sleep apnea and insomnia, but lesser known sleep disorders can also take a toll on health. Here's what you need to k...

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