Sensitive To The Cold? For Many, Raynaud's Disease Is To Blame

: Raynaud’s disease causes fingers and toes to change color and feel numb in response to cold or stress. Learn how this rare condition is diagnose...

two men talking at table

How To Manage Changing Relationships When You Have Cancer

: After a cancer diagnosis, you, your family and friends will be dealing with strong emotions—and learning how to communicate effectively may take...

woman smelling orange

What Can I Do To Regain My Sense of Smell And Taste After COVID-19?

: Something called olfactory training can stimulate the nerves to help you regain your sense of smell and taste. A neurologist explains how it works.

healthy sadness

Sadness Is A Healthy Way To Express Emotion — But Don't Overdo It

: Learn why feeling sad can be good for you — and how to ensure your sadness doesn't progress to depression.

woman getting vaccine

Getting The Flu Vaccine Is More Important Than Ever This Year

: As cases of COVID-19 and the flu continue to rise, getting your flu shot is key to protecting yourself against "flurona" this winter.

resetting goals

Don't Give Up On Your Resolutions Yet. How To Reset And Get Back On Track

: Whether you feel overwhelmed, have taken missteps or lost much-needed steam, here are 5 ways to reset after a setback.

woman getting vaccianted

Immunocompromised People Should Get A Third COVID-19 Vaccine And A Booster. Here's Why

: If you have a weakened immune system, additional doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine will strengthen your immune response against COVID-19. An expe...

pink brain

New Advances That Are Changing Brain Cancer Treatment

: Three neuro-oncologists share the innovative treatments and therapies that could be game changers for those diagnosed with brain tumors. 

man getting vaccine

Should I Get A COVID-19 Booster Shot?

: Additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines are now recommended for everyone ages 12+. Here are the booster shot guidelines--and why everyone should get one...

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