get moving for heart health

5 Simple Ways Get Moving For Your Heart Health

: We all know exercise is good for the heart. Trouble is, it also seems to be one of the most difficult lifestyle habits for people to adopt. An exercis...


How To Equip Your Home Gym On A Budget

: What exercise equipment do you need for a great home workout? A Henry Ford athletic trainer explains how to equip your home gym on the cheap.

man shoveling

Why Shoveling Snow Is A Pain (In The Shoulder)

: Shoveling snow can cause back and shoulder pain if not done properly. Fortunately there are tips for making this cold weather chore less physically pa...

burn calories daily image

6 Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

: Can fidgeting help you lose weight? Studies show some correlation but a better idea is to add more meaningful, yet easy, calorie-burning activities to...

Woman swimming for a low impact workout

12 Low-Impact Workouts That Really Pay Off

: A Henry Ford athletic trainer explains the benefits of low- and no-impact exercise and highlights a dozen heart-pumping activities that fall into the ...


7 Styles Of Yoga: A Handy Glossary

: Convinced yoga is beneficial, but confused by the dizzying array of classes available? We define 7 styles of yoga, so you can find the right one for y...


Kinesiology Tape: Help Or Hype?

: You may have noticed kinesiology tape on professional or Olympic athletes, but is it something that can help performance or prevent and treat injuries...

shin splints

Shin Splints: What You Need to Know

: A Henry Ford physical therapist answers frequently asked questions about shin splints and how to know when it’s time to get help for shin pain.


Get Moving With Online Fitness Communities

: People who work out in tandem are more likely to achieve fitness goals than those who go it alone. Online fitness communities are a great way to conne...

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