tai chi student

Tai Chi: An Old Art For Modern Disease

: Tai chi is a centuries-old mind-body practice involves slow, coordinated movements coupled with breathing exercises. Originally developed as a self-de...

bike fit safety

Let's Ride! Get Ready With These 5 Bike Safety Tips

: Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of a bike ride. It's also a fantastic way to add some activity to your day, burn some calo...

get moving for heart health

5 Simple Ways Get Moving For Your Heart Health

: We all know exercise is good for the heart. Trouble is, it also seems to be one of the most difficult lifestyle habits for people to adopt. An exercis...

athlete with referred knee pain

Referred Pain: What’s The Source Of Your Sports Injury?

: You might have heard the term “referred pain,” but maybe you don’t know what it really means. And for good reason; it’s a conf...


Your First 5K: Training Tips For Beginning Runners

: Transforming your lifestyle from couch potato to athlete requires effort and dedication. But it IS doable. These 10 steps will help you get there.

leg pain and walking image

The Best Remedy For Leg Cramps? Walk It Off

: Do you ever go for a walk, only to be derailed by cramping in your calves or a feeling of tiredness in your legs? If so, this leg pain could be caused...

fitness tracker

The Benefits Of Setting Fitness Goals

: Whether you're an experienced athlete or a couch potato just working your way into a regular exercise routine, setting SMART fitness goals can be a gr...

standing desk image

Standing Desks: Worth The Investment?

: Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, but are they really a healthier way to work? We discuss the pro's and cons of spending your workday ...

exercise self consciousness image

Self-Conscious About Exercise? 8 Tips To Get More Comfortable

: If you are hesitant to start an exercise program because you're self-conscious, an athletic trainers offers 8 tips to help you get over your concerns ...

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