picky eaters

Preventing Picky Eaters

: Picky eaters are a source of worry and frustration for parents everywhere. A pediatrician offers advice for starting your baby or toddler off on the r...

sleeping baby

Baby Monitors: 4 Common Sense Tips

: Technology has lead to more advanced baby monitors, from live videos on your smart phone to those that track breathing and heart rate. But is it too m...

little girl with wet hair

Oh No, It’s Lice! Everything Parents Need To Know

: The worst thing about sending your kids out into the world is they tend to bring stuff back with them – things like colds, flu, and yes, bugs! H...

family game night

10 Ideas For Indoor Fun With Kids

: 10 boredom-busting kids activities to help transform a day spent indoors into a fun adventure that encourages getting fit, imaginative play and family...

young girl getting an eye exam

Pediatric Eye Exam: Does Your Child Need One?

: A comprehensive pediatric eye exam is different from the vision screening children may get at their usual check-up or at school. Learn why it may be n...

child with lunch tray

Do You Know What Your Child Is Eating At School?

: Unless you pack everything yourself, how do you make sure your child is eating right when they’re away from home? Here are 9 tips to promote hea...

small child getting a vaccine

Essential Advice For Parents On Vaccines

: From preschool to college, back-to-school season often means a doctor's visit to keep up with vaccines and booster shots. What parents should know.

kids hiding under the covers

6 Ways To Start That Back-To-School Sleep Schedule Now

: Summer is coming to an end. Here are six things you can do to make getting your kids on a back-to-school sleep schedule as easy as counting sheep.

group of young girls taking a selfie

Talking To Kids About Weight & Body Image In The Digital Age

: Talking to your kids about weight and body image is hard. With the influence of digital media, the job is even tougher. Tips to start healthy conversa...

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