sports acupuncture

Have Tennis Or Golfer's Elbow? Sports Acupuncture May Help

: Learn how sports acupuncture treats pain and can speed up recovery - plus ways to prevent future injuries and stay active.

acupuncture peripherial neuropathy

How Does Acupuncture Improve Peripheral Neuropathy?

: Acupuncture can be a game-changer for people experiencing peripheral neuropathy — a tingling or burning feeling or loss of sensation in you...

acupuncture for anxiety

How To Get The Most Out Of Acupuncture For Your Anxiety

: Acupuncture is a proven strategy to reduce anxiety. Learn how to maintain the results of treatment long after you return home.

soccer player kicking ball

5 Ways Acupuncture Can Enhance Athletic Performance

: Want to step up your game? A sports acupuncturist shares how acupuncture can help. 

acupuncture to quit smoking

Want to Quit Smoking? Try Acupuncture

: Acupuncture can reduce cravings, enhance health and well-being, and even help smokers quit smoking.

acupuncture for women

Acupuncture For Women: From Menstruation To Menopause

: Whether you struggle to get through the day because of painful menstrual cramps or to sleep through the night because of your menopause symptoms, many...

tai chi student

Tai Chi: An Old Art For Modern Disease

: Tai chi is a centuries-old mind-body practice involves slow, coordinated movements coupled with breathing exercises. Originally developed as a self-de...

couple looking at a pregnancy test

Struggling With Infertility? Acupuncture May Help

: By relieving stress and helping to balance hormones, acupuncture may increase the odds of conceiving for those struggling with infertility.

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