alcohol use in women

The Climbing Rates of Alcohol Use In Women, Especially Moms

: Alcohol use among women skyrocketed during the pandemic. Learn the red flags of problematic alcohol usage.

seniors addiction

Substance Abuse & Seniors: How Addiction Impacts Older Adults Differently

: Learn why older Americans are at high risk for substance use disorder — and how to spot signs of addiction.

someone pouring whiskey

Why Does Alcohol Increase Your Cancer Risk?

: You might know that heavy alcohol use is linked with an increased cancer risk, but you might not know why. An expert explains all -- including what's ...

addiction chronic pain

How Chronic Pain Can Lead To Addiction Issues

: Learn why people who suffer from chronic pain are at increased risk of addiction — and how to spot the warning signs.

teenage vaping

7 Things You Need To Know About The Dangers Of Teen Vaping

: The last several years have shown an upward trend in teenage tobacco use. The reason why? Vaping products.


6 Recovery Tips for Staying Sober During COVID-19

: Choosing sobriety is a daily decision and a change in your routine can put you at greater risk for relapse. If you find yourself with thoughts of drin...

man looking in mirror rubbing forehead

Hangxiety: The Link Between Anxiety And Alcohol

: Feeling anxious after a night of drinking? It's more common than you think. A Henry Ford expert explains the link between anxiety and alcohol and how ...

younger woman being comforted by older woman

Is Someone You Love Using Meth? How To Talk About It

: Methamphetamine use has been eclipsed in the media by opioid epidemic, giving the false impression that meth use has declined. If a friend or family m...

man holding a video game controller

Can You Be Addicted To Video Games?

: A Henry Ford physician explains how to recognize when a video gaming hobby might be a video game addiction (also known as gaming disorder) and what yo...

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