array of colorful foods

Is It A Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity, Food Intolerance Or Celiac Disease?

: What's the difference between lactose intolerance and food allergies? Or celiac disease and gluten sensitivity? Here, a doctor shares what to know.

oral allergy syndrome

Does Your Mouth Feel Itchy When Eating Certain Foods? It Could Be Oral Allergy Syndrome

: That itchy, tingling sensation in your mouth when you eat certain foods could be related to your seasonal allergies. Here's what to know about oral al...

mom with pacifier

Ever Put Your Baby’s Pacifier In Your Mouth? It May Help Their Health

: Many parents probably think nothing of sucking on their baby’s pacifier to clean it after it falls to the ground. Turns out, doing so may benefi...

woman sneezing

Seasonal Allergies? 3 Ways To Find Relief

: If you feel like allergy season was bad this summer, you’re not wrong. The coughing, sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes are at all-time highs....


Keep Calm & Carry An EpiPen: How To Cope With Your Child’s Food Allergy

: Childhood food allergies are commonplace, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to manage. Identifying what your child is allergic to –...

female patient getting a facial exam

What Is Sinusitis?

: Could your allergy-like symptoms actually be caused by sinusitis? An ENT doctor explains this common condition and how it can be treated.

couple outdoors with their dog

Suffer From Seasonal Allergies? 4 Tips For Relief

: If you are one of the 50 million Americans who have seasonal allergies, these 4 tips may help you survive allergy season and minimize your symptoms.

baby being feed

New Study Finds Babies Should Consume Peanut Products

: Researchers found that introducing peanuts products to infants can prevent the development of a peanut allergy. Learn why and what it means for parent...

seasonal asthma

Surviving the Season with Asthma

: Winter weather and even some holiday traditions can increase symptoms of asthma. Here are tips for managing asthma and staying healthy through the sea...

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