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person getting vaccinated

Another Reason To Get Vaccinated? To Stop Variants From Developing

: The longer people stay unvaccinated, the more likely it is that a COVID-19 variant will form that is resistant to our current vaccines. An expert expl...

doctor holding vaccine bottles

Messenger RNA Is A Game-Changer For Vaccines. Here's Why

: The new COVID-19 vaccines are exciting in more ways than one. Here, an infectious disease specialist shares what they mean for the future of vaccines.

covid holiday traditions

Making The Most Of Holiday Traditions During A Pandemic

: Holidays will, and should, look a lot different than other years. Fortunately, there are ways to safely spread holiday cheer without spreading the vir...

people at dinner party

Small Gatherings Are Causing COVID-19 Spikes. Here's What To Know

: Letting your guard down is risky when it comes to COVID-19 transmission--even when you're just hanging with friends. Here's how to protect yourself an...

family on beach

What Activities Are Safe To Do This Summer?

: COVID-19 cases are still surging around the country. Here's how you can have a cautious yet enjoyable summer. 

adult vaccine booster

Do You Need A Vaccine Booster?

: How to determine if you need a vaccination booster, even as an adult, and why previously eradicated diseases are on the rise.


Is Double-Dipping Really Dangerous?

: It's a social no-no for good reason. Double-dipping may pose health risks for those next in the dipping line. Learn more from an infectious diseases e...

a pile of pill packages

Be Smart About Antibiotic Use

: Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections like the cold, flu and upper respiratory infections. In fact, taking them for a virus can cause...

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