Behavioral Health

patient talking to therapist

How To Find The Right Mental Health Professional For You

: What's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist--and which one should you see? Here's how to find a therapist who is right for you.

worried woman

Are You Always Stressed? Your Brain Could Be Prematurely Shrinking

: Cortisol is our stress hormone. When the brain is exposed to too much cortisol, it can influence the size and function of the brain. Here's how.

introvert extrovert

Introvert Or Extrovert? How Your Personality Type Can Impact Your Brain

: The differences between extroverts and introverts extend beyond their preferred activities. Their brains are different, too.

mom sending kid to school

7 Ways To Help Your Children (And Yourself!) Navigate Back-To-School Stress

: Is the hustle and bustle of a new routine causing stress in your household? Here's how to make the back-to-school transition as smooth as possible.

time blocking

How Time Blocking Can Help Reduce Your Stress

: If you look at the work week with a sense of overwhelm and dread, time blocking may shift your mindset. 

man doing situps

The Role Of Sports In Shaping Men’s Body Image—And How We Can Be More Inclusive

: A recent study showed that stereotypical masculinity is still viewed as ideal, especially when it comes to athletics. Here's how it can affect men--an...

pregnant woman outside

Prenatal COVID-19 Infection & Anxiety May Impact Infant Brain Development

: Preliminary studies are starting to show that prenatal anxiety--and prenatal COVID-19 infection--may cause brain alterations in infants. Here's how.

friends talking outside

How To Support A Friend With Depression

: Learn steps you can take to support a friend with depression and how to connect them with resources for care. 

therapy for mental health

How Psychotherapy Can Benefit Your Mental Health

: Going to therapy can provide tools to help you cope with daily challenges, trauma, depression, anxiety, medical illness and loss.

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