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alcohol use in women

The Climbing Rates of Alcohol Use In Women, Especially Moms

: Alcohol use among women skyrocketed during the pandemic. Learn the red flags of problematic alcohol usage.

woman looking at phone

Overwhelmed? How To Cope With Decision Fatigue

: Making decisions isn't easy--especially when they're fraught with worries of contracting COVID-19. An expert shares how to lighten your load and make ...

5 Back-To-School Tips To Help Kids Make A Smooth Transition

5 Back-To-School Tips To Help Kids Make A Smooth Transition

: Returning to a school routine following summer break can be tough for kids. Here, a child psychiatrist offers tips to help ease the back-to-school tra...

athlete mental health

Athletes' Mental Health: How To Overcome The Pressure Of Competition

: For athletes, the mental exhaustion and other mental health issues that come with playing sports can become more prevalent, especially at higher level...

woman stressed at work

How Stress Affects Digestion—And What You Can Do About It

: When we're stressed out, our gut knows it--and suffers too. An expert shares tips to reducing stress and benefiting our digestive health. 

man working at desk

6 Work-From-Home Tips To Take Back To The Office

: Heading back to the office soon? Make a smooth adjustment by incorporating these expert-approved tips into your new routine.

sibling rivalry

6 Strategies To Help Parents Combat Sibling Rivalry

: Struggling to manage tension between siblings? Use these best practices for fewer arguments and more productive communication between all members of y...

pandemic habits

15 Pandemic Habits Worth Keeping

: Our lives have changed a lot since COVID-19. Get ideas for how you can take some of the good habits you've picked up and translate them to your life p...


Are You An Empath? 8 Ways To Build Empathy

: During times of political unrest, loneliness and illness, it's important to cultivate empathy by putting yourself in other people's shoes.

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