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canola oil

Canola Oil: Healthy or Harmful?

: A Henry Ford dietitian explains what canola oil is, why it has a bad reputation and whether it deserves a place in a healthy diet.

dad with son cooking

Ignore This Advice: 4 Common Nutrition Tips to Question

: A Henry Ford registered dietitian sheds light on popular nutrition recommendations and explains why they may not be good advice.

couple cooking

5 Ways to Savor the Flavor During Nutrition Month

: March is National Nutrition Month, a yearly event to encourage people to develop healthy eating habits. Here are ways to make nutrition part of your l...

veggie chips

Healthy Or Not? Sneaky Snacks To Avoid

: These days, more and more Americans aren’t sitting down for three square meals. Instead, they’re eating in the car, on the train and while...

bowl of kale and quinoa

What's Hot Now: Food Trends In 2019

: A Henry Ford expert highlights the hottest food and nutrition trends for 2019 and offers insight about which are worth following.

food freshness dates label

What Do Sell-By Dates Tell You About Food Safety?

: A dilemma we all face from time to time: Should you toss anything past the "expiration" date, or does that waste what might be perfectly edible food? ...

milk options

What Kind Of Milk Is Best?

: A Henry Ford dietitian explains nutrient differences in various types of milk, including dairy, soy, hemp and almond varieties.


Hold The Butter? Your Guide To Healthy Spreads

: We slather it on our toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and the bread basket for dinner. But if you're looking for alternatives with less satur...

homemade pizza

A Foolproof Guide To Healthy Homemade Pizza

: Homemade pizza can be a great canvas for incorporating healthy ingredients like whole grains, veggies and lean protein into your meal. The flavor comb...

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