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food freshness dates label

What Do Sell-By Dates Tell You About Food Safety?

: A dilemma we all face from time to time: Should you toss anything past the "expiration" date, or does that waste what might be perfectly edible food? ...

milk options

What Kind Of Milk Is Best?

: A Henry Ford dietitian explains nutrient differences in various types of milk, including dairy, soy, hemp and almond varieties.


Hold The Butter? Your Guide To Healthy Spreads

: We slather it on our toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and the bread basket for dinner. But if you're looking for alternatives with less satur...

homemade pizza

A Foolproof Guide To Healthy Homemade Pizza

: Homemade pizza can be a great canvas for incorporating healthy ingredients like whole grains, veggies and lean protein into your meal. The flavor comb...

family dinners

Family Meals: How Eating Together Boosts Health

: It may not always be easy with today's busy schedules. Learn why prioritizing family meals pays off for your health and your relationships, and ideas ...

food labels

Organic? Cage-Free? What 7 Food Labels Actually Mean

: From nutrition data to health claims and certifications it can be tough to differentiate fact from hype when it comes to food labels. Certain terms, s...

various salads

Salad Saviors: Power Foods For Your Greens

: From the base to the fixins’, there are lots of ways to supercharge your salad. Here are must-have power foods to fill that salad bowl full of n...

hands kneading bread dough

Everything You Need To Know About Gluten

: You may think you know what foods contain gluten but it's not always easy to tell what foods or products contain this form of protein. Dietitian Betha...

dietary fats evoo pour

Fats In Your Diet: The Good, The Very Good And The Bad

: Not long ago, Americans demonized dietary fat. Members of the news media, health and fitness enthusiasts, and even qualified health professionals blam...

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