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Researchers Find Bacteria In Urine Linked To Prostate Cancer

: Can a urinary bacterial infection cause prostate cancer--or vice versa? Learn what this newly discovered link between bacteria and prostate cancer cou...

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For Cancer Survivors, Diet And Exercise May Lower Risk Of Recurrence

: A healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Read the American Cancer Society's updated recommendations for cancer survivors and how ...

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How To Sustain Hope During Your Cancer Journey

: Going through cancer isn't easy, but fostering hope can be a powerful influence. A doctor shares what he's learned from patients who have had cancer.

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What To Know About Treatments For Bladder Cancer

: From chemotherapy to reconstructive bladder surgery, learn about treatment options for different stages of bladder cancer.

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5 Questions To Ask When You’re Diagnosed With Cancer

: A cancer diagnosis is daunting, but your healthcare team can offer support in a variety of ways. Here are questions to ask that will help you understa...

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Watch Out For Skin Cancer In Unlikely Places

: You can get skin cancer anywhere you have skin--not just in places where the sun hits. A dermatologist shares what to look for.

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Microplastics Have Been Found In The Human Bloodstream

: This is the first time scientists have discovered microplastics in our blood. Here's how microplastic exposure could affect our health.

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Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Are Changing—And They Could Be Life Saving

: With a wider definition of who is considered high risk for lung cancer, the disease could be caught at an earlier stage--and lead to an increase in su...

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How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Health

: From respiratory diseases to worsened mental health issues, climate change has already begun to impact our health. Here's how.

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