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Want To Lower Your Risk Of Colorectal Cancer? Eat More Polyphenols

: A recent study showed that not eating enough polyphenol antioxidants may be associated with a higher risk of colorectal cancer. Learn more.

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Colon Cancer Rates In Younger Adults Are Rising

: An alarming statistic is that the millennial generation is now at a higher risk for developing colon cancer than the baby boomer generation. Here's wh...

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When Should I Get My Cancer Screenings? A Guide by Age

: When should you be screened for certain cancers? A medical oncologist outlines the latest standard recommendations for cancer screenings for people wi...

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How To Get (Mentally And Physically) Colonoscopy Ready

: Sometimes the worst part of a colonoscopy is the anticipation. An expert offers advice on how to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for thi...

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Colon Care: Preventing Colorectal Cancer

: Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.S., but it's also one that can be prevented and treated if caught early with colonoscopy.

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At-Home Alternatives To Colonoscopy

: Are at-home tests as good as colonoscopy, which is the the gold standard for colorectal screening, colon polyp removal and early cancer detection?

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Making Colon Cancer Awareness A Family Affair

: Your family history could impact when you begin regular colon cancer screening, and finding signs of cancer early offers the best outcomes.

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