grandmother and granddaughter

Redefining Cancer Survivorship: What It Means Today

: The number of people who can call themselves cancer survivors is at an all-time high. With that, the definition of survivorship is changing, too. Here...

doctors performing surgery

4 Methods Of Facial Reconstruction After Cancer

: While removing tumors from the head and neck area used to be functionally and cosmetically deformative, there are now a variety of procedures that can...

woman helping man with groceries

The Importance Of Finding Support During Your Cancer Journey

: From having an extra set of eyes and ears at your doctor’s appointments to completing daily chores, support can come in a variety of ways.

doctor consulting patient

Why Clinical Trials Are So Important

: Advances in medicine would not be possible if people didn't enroll in clinical trials. Here's how they work and how to get matched with one.

room with ambiance

6 Ways To Create A Soothing Space During Cancer Care

: A psychologist shares how your surroundings can influence your mood and help keep you calm and comforted during this difficult time.

wife comforting husband

How To Deal With The Anxiety That Comes With A Cancer Diagnosis

: An expert shares 5 practical ways to help you emotionally cope after receiving a cancer diagnosis. 

head and neck exam

Advancements In Clinical Trials For Head And Neck Cancers

: Treating head and neck cancer--without inhibiting a person's daily life--can be difficult. Learn about the clinical trials that are trying to solve th...

couple sitting outside

The Benefits Of Celebrating Your Cancerversary

: Celebrating a momentous day in your cancer journey can help you commemorate and heal. Here's how.     

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Fertility Preservation: What To Know If You Have Cancer And Want Kids

: Certain cancer treatments can affect male and female fertility. Here, two experts share treatments that may affect fertility and how you can preserve ...

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