man looking thoughtfully at computer

4 Women’s Health Conditions That Affect Men Too

: Many people may be surprised to learn how many diseases and conditions we think of women's health issues (for pretty obvious reasons) can also affect ...

woman getting a mammogram

How To Prepare For A Mammogram

: For many women, a mammogram can be a nerve-wracking experience full of ‘what-if’s,’ unknowns and other hypotheticals. But often, kno...

arm being prepped for vaccine

HPV Vaccine: Now Approved For People Ages 27 To 45

: Because of increasing rates of the human papillomavirus (HPV) -- the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. -- the Federal Drug Admini...

boy getting hpv vaccine

The HPV Vaccine: Why Boys Should Get It Too

: Rates of oral/throat cancer are rapidly on the rise, and affect men to women at a rate of 8:1. That's why boys and young men age 9-24 should get the H...

patient and provider meeting

5 Reasons To Get A Second Opinion For Cancer Treatment

: When facing a life-changing cancer diagnosis, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. Before you start mapping out a treatment plan, however, m...

woman sitting on stairs

Understanding Breast Cancer Risk (And What You Can Do About It)

: There's a lot information out there about behaviors or other factors that affect a woman's risk for developing breast cancer. It's hard to sort throug...

man at doctor

7 Important Screenings Every Man Should Get

: No one loves going to the doctor and men in general are known for putting off even the most routine medical interactions. However, taking the time for...

adult coloring

The Healing Power Of Art

: Ever hear of art therapy? The idea is is that participating in creative pursuits help people cope better with illness or everyday stress. Studies have...

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Colon Cancer Rates In Younger Adults Are Rising

: Colon cancer rates in younger adults are on the rise. While the condition is still rare in people under age 50, it's often caught at later stages when...

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