woman with headache

What Is Chemo Brain?

: Forgetfulness, disordered thinking and an inability to concentrate can be side effects from chemotherapy. An expert shares what you can do about it.

room with ambiance

6 Ways To Create A Soothing Space During Cancer Care

: A psychologist shares how your surroundings can influence your mood and help keep you calm and comforted during this difficult time.

doctor checking patient thyroid

Thyroid Cancer FAQ: What You Should Know

: In the United States and around the world, rates of thyroid cancer are increasing. An endocrinologist shares why this could be, along with other facts...

doctors performing surgery

4 Methods Of Facial Reconstruction After Cancer

: While removing tumors from the head and neck area used to be functionally and cosmetically deformative, there are now a variety of procedures that can...

preventative screenings

Why It's Important Not To Delay Preventive Screenings

: Many Americans are delaying nonessential healthcare because of the pandemic. Learn why it's important to check in with your doctor about preventive ca...

woman reading on her phone

Ovarian Cancer 101

: Ovarian cancer is 5th in cancer deaths among women. A gynecologic oncologist shares everything you should know about this type of cancer.

older man painting

How Art Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients

: Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can take a toll on your mental health. An expert shares how art therapy can help you cope. 


Cancer And Your Heart: 6 Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Cardiotoxicity

: Cardiotoxicity refers to cancer treatments that may cause heart or blood vessel damage. Some people are at greater risk. Minimize this through 6 simpl...

elderly woman sitting at table

Understanding The Link Between Breast Cancer And Heart Disease

: Some cancer treatments may cause heart damage in certain individuals. A medical oncologist and cardiologist share what you need to know. 

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