woman in a sunhat

3 Ways Summer Affects People With Cancer

: Between heat, sun exposure and activities, cancer patients face risks in the summer that may harm their health or intensify side effects of treatment.

Brain Tumor Scan

Q & A: Facts About Brain Tumors

: When it comes to medical conditions, few diagnoses are more frightening than a brain tumor. A neuro-oncologist answers common questions about brain tu...

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Maintaining Intimacy While Living With Cancer

: Maintaining intimacy with your partner after a cancer diagnosis can bring unique challenges. Learn how to overcome intimacy issues.

woman comforting another woman

Overcoming The Anxiety As A Cancer Survivor

: The anxiety surrounding cancer doesn't always end when the treatment is over. How to deal with the stress and fear that can linger for a cancer surviv...

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The Truth About Mole Changes & Skin Cancer

: Moles are common and sometimes change as we age. How to know what mole changes are normal and when you need to worry that they are a sign of skin canc...

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The Link Between HPV And Throat Cancer

: A head and neck cancer expert explains how HPV causes throat cancer, why there's a rise in HPV-related throat cancer and what to do to protect yoursel...

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What To Say To Someone With Cancer

: Cancer can be a tricky subject to navigate. If a friend or family member is diagnosed, here's some advice on what to say and what not to say.

patient sitting in bed

Caring For The Cancer Caregiver

: Being a caregiver for a loved one going through cancer treatment can be draining. Taking time for self-care is critical to help you avoid burnout.

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Kidney Cancer 101

: A urologist and kidney specialist answers common questions about the function of the kidneys, kidney cancer, and what you can do to lower your risk.

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