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What Black Women Need To Know About Their Breast Cancer Risk

: Black women have the highest breast cancer mortality rate of any U.S. racial or ethnic group. A breast cancer surgeon shares what you can do to reduce...

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Getting An Annual Skin Cancer Screening Can Be Life Saving

: One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Learn how to protect yourself and why an annual skin cancer screening is so vital.

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Why Are Black Men At A Greater Risk For Prostate Cancer?

: Research shows that Black men are about twice as likely to get and die from prostate cancer than white men. An expert shares what to know.

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Advancements In Clinical Trials For Head And Neck Cancers

: Treating head and neck cancer--without inhibiting a person's daily life--can be difficult. Learn about the clinical trials that are trying to solve th...

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How Do I Know If I'm At High Risk For Developing Cancer?

: An expert explains the factors that make someone more likely to develop cancer--and shares the steps to take if you are considered high risk. 

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The Benefits Of Exercise During and After Cancer Treatment

: An expert shares why it's important to get your body moving when you're going through cancer and recovering from treatment.

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Why Does Alcohol Increase Your Cancer Risk?

: You might know that heavy alcohol use is linked with an increased cancer risk, but you might not know why. An expert explains all -- including what's ...

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Fertility Preservation: What To Know If You Have Cancer And Want Kids

: Certain cancer treatments can affect male and female fertility. Here, two experts share treatments that may affect fertility and how you can preserve ...

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Getting Guys To Visit The Doctor

: Men often put their health on the backburner until they can’t ignore it. Advice on making annual physicals and dealing with troublesome symptoms...

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