people at dinner party

Small Gatherings Are Causing COVID-19 Spikes. Here's What To Know

: Letting your guard down is risky when it comes to COVID-19 transmission--even when you're just hanging with friends. Here's how to protect yourself an...

elderly man wearing mask

What Cancer Patients Should Know About COVID-19 And The Flu

: Certain side effects of chemotherapy can also be symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu. As flu season approaches, a medical oncologist shares advice for ca...

kids ocd

Is the Pandemic Bringing Out Your Child's OCD Tendencies?

: The global coronavirus pandemic, and its impact on daily routines and school life, may increase kids' anxiety and OCD behaviors. Here's how to help th...

cold and flu season

Navigating Cold And Flu Season During A Pandemic

: This year's cold and flu season carries additional risks and worries. Here's what you need to know to separate cold and flu facts from fiction.

mask acne

Preventing Acne Caused By Mask Wearing

: Though it's so important and necessary, wearing a mask frequently may end up irritating your skin and cause breakouts. How to prevent mask-related acn...


Is It COVID-19, The Flu, A Cold Or Allergies?

: Symptoms of the novel coronavirus are similar to many of those typical for influenza, the common cold and allergies. But there are a few key differenc...

worry vs anxiety

Worry and Anxiety: Do You Know the Difference?

: Worry and anxiety are natural during the coronavirus pandemic, but what do these terms really mean? And how do you know if you're suffering unnecessar...

man holding heart

Lasting Health Effects Of COVID-19

: The respiratory virus can cause complications that can leave patients with lasting health conditions. Here, a pulmonary and critical care physician sh...

woman wearing face mask

Debunking Mask Myths: Why It's Important To Wear A Face Mask

: A doctor sets the record straight and explains the overwhelming benefits of wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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