woman looking at phone

Overwhelmed? How To Cope With Decision Fatigue

: Making decisions isn't easy--especially when they're fraught with worries of contracting COVID-19. An expert shares how to lighten your load and make ...

pregnant mother and child

The COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe For Pregnant People, Says CDC

: An expert answers commonly asked questions and shares why it's important that all pregnant women get vaccinated.

HS athletes and COVID

COVID-19 And Student Athletes: How Can The Virus Impact Return-To-Play?

: Many athletes are concerned about reaching peak performance after a long time off or after recovering from a COVID-19 infection. Two experts weigh in.

woman getting vaccianted

Why Should Immunocompromised People Get A Third COVID-19 Vaccine Dose?

: If you have a weakened immune system, a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine will increase your protection against COVID-19. An expert shares e...

woman getting temperature check

Why COVID-19’s Delta Variant Is Bad News For The Pandemic

: The Delta variant is the most contagious form of the coronavirus we've seen yet. An expert shares what we know about this variant so far.

father putting mask on child

How To Keep Your Kids Safe This School Year Amid COVID-19

: Going back to in-person learning can be nerve-racking. An expert shares precautions to take to protect your children from contracting COVID-19.

doctor holding covid vaccine

10 Rumors About The COVID-19 Vaccines That Aren't True

: The FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective. Here, we debunk rumors and separate vaccine fact from fiction.

friends talking in masks

Why Are Some People Apathetic About The COVID-19 Vaccine?

: Some people don’t have strong views on the vaccines either way, but they’re still not getting vaccinated. Here’s why they should.

pandemic habits

15 Pandemic Habits Worth Keeping

: Our lives have changed a lot since COVID-19. Get ideas for how you can take some of the good habits you've picked up and translate them to your life p...

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