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Here’s Where That COVID-19 Vaccine Infertility Myth Came From—And Why It Is Not True

: Millennials and Gen Z'ers can rest assured knowing that the vaccines will not affect their fertility now or in the future. Here's why.

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What Is Herd Immunity—And Will We Reach It With COVID-19?

: The number of people who are vaccinated plus the number of people who have natural immunity could add up to herd immunity, but it's tricky to calculat...

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How To Talk To Someone Who Is Vaccine Hesitant

: Here's how you can help friends and family members make an informed decision and build vaccine confidence.

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Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine? Here's How To Prepare

: Make sure you are prepared for your appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine with these doctor-approved recommendations.

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Can I Choose Which COVID-19 Vaccine I Get?

: Three COVID-19 vaccines have received emergency use authorization from the FDA. Here, what you need to know about each one.

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I've Had My Shots, Now What? Life After The COVID-19 Vaccine

: The CDC has issued new guidelines on what fully vaccinated people can do. But don't go crazy just yet--even those who are vaccinated should still be c...

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Will Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine Affect My Fertility?

: Rumors about the COVID-19 vaccine’s possible impact on fertility, pregnancy and miscarriage make it even harder for women to decide what’s...

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What You Need To Know About The New COVID-19 Variants

: As COVID-19 vaccines are being approved for use, new strains of COVID-19 are appearing--which could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines. Here's w...

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Messenger RNA Is A Game-Changer For Vaccines. Here's Why

: The new COVID-19 vaccines are exciting in more ways than one. Here, an infectious disease specialist shares what they mean for the future of vaccines.

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