Hair Loss During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hair Loss During The Pandemic: You're Probably Not Imagining It

: Survivors of COVID-19 report experiencing significant hair loss. It's also something that is affecting those dealing the stress of the pandemic. 

mask acne

Preventing Acne Caused By Mask Wearing

: Though it's so important and necessary, wearing a mask frequently may end up irritating your skin and cause breakouts. How to prevent mask-related acn...

girl looking in mirror

Is My Skin Condition Eczema Or Something Else?

: To the untrained eye, different skin conditions can look similar. A dermatologist shares how to tell them apart--and how to treat them. 

woman reading on beach

What You Need To Know About UV Rays And Skin Cancer

:  A dermatologist explains how ultraviolet rays affect the skin, and what you can do to protect yourself.

vitamin d

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin And Your Skin

: Learn why a deficiency in vitamin D can lead to a host of health problems and how to safely make sure you're getting enough.


What To Do About Warts

: Got unsightly warts? Get answers to your most pressing questions about how warts form and wart treatment.

mother applying sunscreen to daughter

What's The Difference Between Mineral And Chemical Sunscreen?

: Both types of sunscreen protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, but there are key differences between the two. A dermatologist breaks it down. 

woman looking in mirror

Breaking Out In Isolation? Tips To Prevent Acne

: If you're experiencing more blemishes than usual, it's probably not a coincidence. A dermatologist shares why you could be breaking out while shelteri...

natural deodorant

Natural Deodorants: Are They Worth It?

: Ever wonder how natural deodorants compare to other commercial products on the market? A dermatologist breaks down the difference between these produc...

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