man using sunscreen

How Much Sunscreen Is Enough?

: Applying sunscreen but still getting burned? Most people don't use enough. From what SPF you need to how to apply it, learn practical tips for better ...

woman looking in the mirror

What Are Keloids?

: Keloids are benign tumors of the skin that appear as painful and itchy scars. They occur when you have an injury to the skin such as a cut or a burn a...

Woman looking at skin in the mirror

How Clear Is Your Skin? 6 Common Culprits

: From hormones to medications to diet, a Henry Ford dermatologist explains some common factors that affect your skin's appearance and can contribute to...

man touching his beard

Growing & Maintaining Your Beard: A How-To Guide

: You may think growing a beard means you get to ditch the razor and forget about it, but growing maintaining a beard takes its own special regimen. A H...

skin care items

The 3 Skin Care Items You Really Need

: While you can't turn back the clock, you can combat some changes in your skin that come with aging. A doctor's 3 recommended must-haves for healthy sk...

child itching eczema

Soothing Your Child’s Eczema During Colder Months

: Eczema is a common skin condition that often affects many kids, and the colder months tend to be when symptoms are at their worst. A pediatrician offe...

woman washing her face

DIY Facials: Your Kitchen’s Best Skin Care Products

: Healthy skin doesn't have to cost a fortune. A dermatologist recommends the best DIY products for clearer, smoother skin -- right from your own kitche...

brush with hair

Your Hair May Hold Clues About Your Health

: Your hairbrush has more insights than you may realize. Thinning hair or changes in the texture or overall condition of your hair can be a sign of unde...

young woman driving a car

6 Unexpected Sources Of Sun Damage

: When heading to the beach, chances are good that you don a hat and sunglasses and apply sun protection like SPF 30+ lotion. Unfortunately, sun damage ...

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