man looking in mirror

Is This New Solution For Hair Loss Right For You?

: Millions of men and women experience balding or hair thinning, especially due to hereditary, age-related causes. A dermatologist explains a new treatm...

teenage girl looking worried

Parents: Help Take The Trauma Out Of Teen Acne

: As if the teen years aren’t troubling enough, up to 90 percent of individuals in this age group also have to deal with skin eruptions and acne. ...

little girl on the beach

How To Protect Your Kids From The Sun

: It’s important to protect yourself from the sun no matter what your age. However, children are especially vulnerable to the sun’s harmful ...

woman looking at nail polish

Choose The Best Beauty Products For Your Skin

: A dermatologist offers her advice for finding the best beauty products and skin-care regimen for you, as well as when it's time to toss what you've go...

smiling woman

What To Do About A Double Chin

: Many people are unhappy with their double chin. A new treatment to permanently remove that submental neck or chin fat, called Kybella, is getting lots...

woman putting lotion on face

Adult Acne: Why We Get It & How To Treat It

: A lot of people think you leave pimples behind in your teen years, but hormone changes, stress and skin conditions can cause acne to flare up in adult...

Woman touching face

Botox? Fillers? The Lowdown On Cosmetic Procedures

: Curious about cosmetic procedures? We asked a dermatologist to answer common questions about Botox, fillers, laser resurfacing, CoolSculpting and more...

woman scratching her wrist

Living With Eczema: 3 Ways To Manage It Better

: With persistent itching and irritated skin, living with eczema can be a tough for adults and children alike. Get tips for managing this chronic condit...

man getting a wrist tattoo

How To Care For Your Tattoo So It Always Looks Great

: A doctor offers safety tips before you get inked and advice for caring for your tattoo to keep it looking great for years to come.

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