woman scratching her wrist

Living With Eczema: 3 Ways To Manage It Better

: With persistent itching and irritated skin, living with eczema can be a tough for adults and children alike. Get tips for managing this chronic condit...

man getting a wrist tattoo

How To Care For Your Tattoo So It Always Looks Great

: A doctor offers safety tips before you get inked and advice for caring for your tattoo to keep it looking great for years to come.

little kid underwater

4 Summer Health Mysteries Solved

: You're familiar with summer hazards like dehydration and sunburn. But what about these 4 summer health mysteries? Learn more.

womans back

The Truth About Mole Changes & Skin Cancer

: Moles are common and sometimes change as we age. How to know what mole changes are normal and when you need to worry that they are a sign of skin canc...

woman applying lotion

5 Tips To Care For Your Skin This Winter

: Harsh winters can be brutal on your skin. A dermatologist shares helpful tips for keeping your skin healthy, more hydrated and less irritated this win...

man looking at his hair

5 Causes Of Dandruff (And How To Treat Them)

: A dermatologist explains the 5 common causes of dandruff and what you can do to treat it, and in some cases, even eliminate it all together.

woman looking at her skin

Acne And Diet: What’s The Connection?

: While the relationship of acne and diet is still under debate, a dermatologist suggests taking note of a few foods commonly cited as potential culprit...


Sunburn Basics: Take The Sting Out Of Sunburn

: Proper sun protection is the first line of defense, of course. But once a sunburn happens, it’s important to focus on healing fast. 6 ways to so...

boys kayaking

Summer Safety: Protect Kids From Sun & Accidental Injury

: With all that summer fun comes the need to protect yourself and your family from potential dangers like sunburn, swim accidents and more. Tips to stay...

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