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How Essential Workers Can Protect Themselves From COVID-19

: All essential workers are on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how they can stay safe while on the job.   

bad breath

Bad Breath: What Causes It And How To Fix It

: A Henry Ford family medicine physician explains what causes halitosis and what you can do about bad breath.

smiling man at dentist

What Your Dentist Can Tell You About Your Health

: Could your mouth be the window to your overall health? That may be taking it a bit far, but your mouth is one of the first places in your body that ca...

group of sticky notes on wood

Surprising Health Benefits Of Smiling

: Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins that provide many health benefits. A bonus? It's also contag...

woman in hammock reading a book

How To Truly Rest And Recharge On Vacation

: Often feel like you need a vacation from your vacation stress? Tips to avoid the common traps that leave us feeling less than relaxed after time away.

mosquito repellent

Alternative Mosquito Repellent Options

: The search for a better mosquito repellent alternatives goes on, and the market for more natural approaches is buzzing. Here are some options.

two women sitting on a bench

Boost Your Health With Acts Of Kindness

: Our brains have positive psychological reactions with even simple acts of kindness and it can actually help your health. 5 tips to get you started.

girl doing yoga

Stress 9-1-1: How To Save Your Health (and Your Sanity!)

: While stress is an inevitable part of life, too much of it can be a major roadblock to health and well-being. Here are tips for how to manage stress.

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