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Managing Diabetes During Ramadan

: A diabetes specialist offers advice to Muslims with diabetes who plan to fast during Ramadan on how to best manage their condition.

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Adrenal Fatigue: Your Questions Answered

: There's a lot of buzz online and in health web sites about adrenal fatigue, and much debate about whether it's a real diagnosis. Regardless, the sympt...

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5 Surprising Things That Affect Your Thyroid Medication

: If you are taking medication for hypothyroidism (or a sluggish thyroid), you may be surprised to learn that a number of outside factors can throw your...

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Type 1 Or Type 2 Diabetes: Do You Know The Difference?

: Diabetes affects more than 29 million Americans, but many of us don't know much about it. Do you understand how Type 1 differs from Type 2 diabetes?

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Diabetes & The Importance Of Getting A Flu Shot

: If you have diabetes, getting an annual flu shot is extra important. Learn why the flu can be worse for diabetics and the vaccine is nothing to fear.

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Could It Be A Thyroid Issue? 10 Surprising Symptoms

: A sluggish thyroid can make you feel run down or increase your chance of gaining a few pounds. Here are 10 lesser known symptoms of an underactive thy...

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10 Misconceptions About Thyroid Disease

: An expert endocrinologist sets the record straight about common misconceptions about thyroid disease, which affects more than 20 million Americans.

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