woman stretching in bed

How To Use The Weekend To Reboot Your Wellness

: Can you make up for the lack of focus on your health with a weekend reboot? While it won't erase bad choices from a busy week, it can help you reset.


Stretch It Out: 5 Ways To Improve Your Flexibility

: Haven’t touched your toes since high school? Stretching for better flexibility helps prevent injury and improve performance in workouts ... and daily ...

exercise and depression image

5 Reasons Why Exercise Can Help Depression

: Studies show a connection between exercise and prevention of depression. A fitness expert explains 5 reasons why it helps both physical and mental hea...

family game night

10 Ideas For Indoor Fun With Kids

: 10 boredom-busting kids activities to help transform a day spent indoors into a fun adventure that encourages getting fit, imaginative play and family...


Prenatal Exercise Do’s And Don’ts

: Prenatal exercise is an excellent way to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and prepare for delivery. Here's what you need to know to stay fit saf...


Sports Drinks Vs. Water: What’s The Best Way To Hydrate?

: For better athletic performance and exercise, hydration is key. Which is more effective at keeping you hydrated during a workout: water or sports drin...

workout shoes image

Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Workout

: No matter what kind of exercise you do, wearing the proper footwear for your workout prevents injury and improves performance. Tips on what shoes to c...

women on spinning bike

Ready To Go Spinning?

: The popularity of spinning classes is not hard to understand. Here are four reasons to give this low-impact exercise a try.

woman holding head in pain

4 Ways To Manage Chronic Pain Without Medication

: Chronic pain can make it hard to go about your daily life. Medications are not the only solution. Learn more about alternative methods for managing pa...

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