Get Moving With Online Fitness Communities

: People who work out in tandem are more likely to achieve fitness goals than those who go it alone. Online fitness communities are a great way to conne...


Living With Back Pain? 5 Core Exercises You Need

: Millions of Americans suffer from back pain on a routine basis. One solution for relief is strengthening your core with a series of simple exercises.

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Returning To Life After A Heart Attack

: A heart attack is a scary and life-changing event. As you recover, here are tips for safely adding exercise, intimacy and healthy new habits to your l...


Stay Fit with Easy Desk Exercises

: While desk exercises won’t give you a faster mile or rock-hard abs, they help fit in extra activity and counteract the negative effects of sitting all...


Cold Outside? Here’s Your Indoor Workout Guide

: Shake off the cold-weather slump by using winter as a chance to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with fitness. Here are 5 indoor workout id...


7 Styles Of Yoga: A Handy Glossary

: Convinced yoga is beneficial, but confused by the dizzying array of classes available? We define 7 styles of yoga, so you can find the right one for y...

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At Your Goal Weight? Great! Now What?

: People who succeed at losing weight and keeping it off shift their eating and exercise habits forever. Here are 9 tips to stay at your goal weight for...


Sports Injuries & Student Athletes: A Parent’s Guide

: When a child plays a sport year-round, the risk of serious sports injuries due to overuse increases. Here are 4 tips to keep young athletes in the gam...

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Fact or Fiction? Busting 6 Myths About Asthma

: One in 12 Americans live with asthma, and understanding the triggers can help manage symptoms. Here are some common myths about asthma, de-bunked.

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