Eye Care

Woman over 40 getting eye exam

Aging Eyes: What To Expect As You Get Older

: As we age, our eyes are at greater risk for developing certain eye diseases that can affect your vision, such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degen...

man with eye floaters

Eye Floaters: What Are They and Should You Be Concerned?

: Eye floaters are small spots that float across your vision and seeing more of them is a normal part of aging. Usually they're harmless but here's when...

close up of a female eye

Eye Twitches: What Are They And How Can You Stop Them?

: An eye twitch is a painless spasm of the eyelid muscles. It typically affects only one eye, and in most cases it’s harmless. Learn about the mos...

hands on steering wheel

Can Autonomous Vehicles Improve Our Health?

: Think about the last time you drove. Was your phone still glued to your hand? Were you in a rush? How many other people did you spy with their eyes of...

father and daughter wearing sunglasses

The 10 Essential Tips For Summer Eye Protection

: Summer activities pose a number of potential hazards to your vision, which can increase your risk for eye injuries and conditions that cause vision lo...

woman putting in a contact lense

Contact Lens Problems: Are You At Risk?

: Not taking proper care with your contact lenses can lead to complications, like eye infections, corneal ulcers, vision issues and more. Here are 10 ti...

football player in a helmet

Athletes Look To LASIK For Their Best Performance

: Many professional and amateur athletes find that glasses or contacts interrupt their game and performance and turn to LASIK (laser eye surgery) as a s...

young girl getting an eye exam

Pediatric Eye Exam: Does Your Child Need One?

: A comprehensive pediatric eye exam is different from the vision screening children may get at their usual check-up or at school. Learn why it may be n...

boy with eclipse glasses

The Solar Eclipse And Your Eye Safety

: An ophthalmologist offers guidance on what you need to know about keeping your eyes safe during next week's solar eclipse.

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