woman crossing the street

Why Is COVID-19 More Contagious Than The Flu?

: An infectious disease specialist explains how COVID-19 spreads and why it can be easier to catch than the flu.

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Can Elderberry Fend Off A Cold Or The Flu?

: Elderberry is the new “it” ingredient in cold and flu remedies. But does it work? And is it safe? A Henry Ford expert answers frequently a...

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The Link Between Exercise And The Flu Vaccine

: Exercise is a healing prescription for nearly every ailment. Now, research shows it may help enhance your immune response to the flu shot.

cold and flu season

Navigating Cold And Flu Season During A Pandemic

: This year's cold and flu season carries additional risks and worries. Here's what you need to know to separate cold and flu facts from fiction.

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5 Ways To Prevent The Spread Of The Flu

: As flu activity continues to be widespread in Michigan, infectious disease expert Katherine Reyes, M.D., MPH, offers these 5 crucial tips to help prev...

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Surviving Cold & Flu Season Like A Champ

: Sometimes the best offense is defense. Here are 4 tips for protecting you and your family from illness and germs this the cold and flu season.

flu shot

Do You Really Need A Flu Shot This Year?

: With added COVID-19 pandemic precautions, you may be wondering if a flu shot is necessary. Here's what you need to know.

woman getting vaccine

Getting The Flu Vaccine Is More Important Than Ever This Year

: As cases of COVID-19 and the flu continue to rise, getting your flu shot is key to protecting yourself against "flurona" this winter.

man getting vaccinated

Uncovering Flu Myths—And Why It’s Important To Get Vaccinated

: Yes, you should get the flu shot this season--even if you're young and healthy. Here's why. 

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