Healthy Eating

confetti salad

Recipe & Video: Confetti Salad With Lime-Cilantro Dressing

: Fresh, raw veggies. A couple things from the freezer. A flavorful dressing that ties it all together. There aren't many recipes out there that get eas...

cooking essentials

How To Improve Your Kitchen Skills With These Cooking Essentials

: Meal prep can be overwhelming and time-consuming. These kitchen skills — and cooking essentials — will help you whip up healthy meals in m...

nutrition advice 2020

Our Top Nutrition Advice From 2020

: From boosting your immune health through your diet to reducing your food waste for a greener planet, here are our most-read nutrition topics of the ye...

science of comfort food

Do You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Comfort Food?

: Comfort food cravings don't have to devastate your diet; Learn how to clean up your menu and develop a healthier relationship with food.

disordered eating

Disordered Eating: It's More Common Than You Think

: Eating disorders affect people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds; and they have deleterious long-term effects.

granola and fruit

Healthy Summer Snacks That Satisfy

: Snacking throughout the day may seem like a bad diet idea, but good-for-you snacks provide the body and brain with needed fuel. Here's some healthy sn...

oatmeal bars

Skinny Oatmeal Bars Recipe & Video

: Granola bars. Breakfast bars. Energy bars. We're not exactly sure how to categorize these soft-baked oatmeal bars. Whatever you call them, though, the...

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