heart health and diabetes

A Cardiologist Explains Why Diabetes Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease

: A diabetes diagnosis can double your risk of heart disease. Understand the link between the two and what you can do to minimize your risk.

bodily inflammation

Can Chronic Bodily Inflammation Increase Your Risk Of Heart Problems?

: Bodily inflammation can cause blockages in your arteries which, over time, can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

recovering from heart surgery

How Long Does It Take to Feel Normal After Heart Surgery?

: Learn what to expect after heart surgery and how to boost your recovery with cardiac rehabilitation, follow-up care and lifestyle changes.

heart failure risks

How You And Your Doctor Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Failure

: Learn steps you can take to reduce your risk for heart failure, including lifestyle changes, knowing your numbers and symptoms you shouldn’t ign...

heart healthy diet

Try These Easy Swaps To Create A Heart-Healthy Diet

: Learn how to cut back on fat and sodium while adding more fruit, vegetables and whole grains for a flavorful, heart-healthy diet.

CAD next steps

Diagnosed With Coronary Artery Disease? Here's What You Need To Know

: Learn about treatment options for coronary artery disease and steps you can take to keep your heart healthy for years to come.

heart myths

7 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Your Heart Health

: Having a heart condition is never the end of the line. Unfortunately, many people believe these myths surrounding your risk of heart problems. An expe...

oral health and heart health

The Link Between Your Heart Health And Oral Health

: While gum inflammation isn’t a tell-tale sign you have a heart problem, if you or your dentist notices a change in your gum health, this could b...

Aspirin in weekly pill box

Daily Aspirin Therapy: The Benefits And Risks

: While taking an occasional aspirin is generally safe, taking one daily comes with serious risks according to new aspirin guidelines. Here are 7 facts ...

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