oral health and heart health

The Link Between Your Heart Health And Oral Health

: While gum inflammation isn’t a tell-tale sign you have a heart problem, if you or your dentist notices a change in your gum health, this could b...

Aspirin in weekly pill box

Daily Aspirin Therapy: The Benefits And Risks

: While taking an occasional aspirin is generally safe, taking one daily comes with serious risks according to new aspirin guidelines. Here are 7 facts ...

health heart aging

Your Heart Might Be Older Than You—Here's How To Protect It

: An aging heart is inevitable, but there are simple steps you can take to live healthier and longer.

winter heart health

How To Protect Your Heart Health During The Winter

: Your heart has to work harder in the winter to keep you going, so that means you can't overdo it. Learn the biggest factors contributing to winter hea...

white coat syndrome

White Coat Syndrome: How To Manage Increased Heart Rate At The Doctor's

: Does your blood pressure climb when you visit the doctor? Discover what white coat syndrome is, and how to handle it.

stress trackers

Trying To Manage Your Stress Levels? A Stress Tracker Could Help

: Stress tracking tools can help you notice when you're stressed out and prompt you to do something about it.

HS athletes and COVID

COVID-19 And Student Athletes: How Can The Virus Impact Return-To-Play?

: Many athletes are concerned about reaching peak performance after a long time off or after recovering from a COVID-19 infection. Two experts weigh in.

coconut oil

The Truth About Coconut Oil

: Coconut oil has been touted as a “good fat” recently. However, a new report from the American Heart Association debunks this myth. A cardiologist expl...

getting guys to doctor

Getting Guys To Visit The Doctor

: Men often put their health on the backburner until they can’t ignore it. Advice on making annual physicals and dealing with troublesome symptoms...

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