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4 Unexpected Things That Can Affect Heart Health

: There are many known behaviors that negatively affect your heart health, like smoking or not exercising. But these risk factors may surprise you.

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Why Women Often Ignore Signs Of A Heart Attack

: Women may delay getting help when having a heart attack - partially because the signs are more subtle than expected. Learn about the signs and what to...


Are You Working Out Hard Enough?

: Measuring your target heart rate is one of the best ways to know if you are working out hard enough to achieve results. Here's how to do it correctly.

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3 Reasons Menopause Changes Your Blood Pressure

: Menopause causes many changes in a woman's body, including changes in her blood pressure. Learn why menopause affects hypertension and how to manage i...

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Are You In Danger Of A Heart Attack?

: A sudden heart attack of a seemingly healthy person is shocking. It leaves you wondering about your own risk and what screenings are available to you.

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What Role Do Genes Play In Heart Disease Risk?

: It's true. Your family history could increase your heart disease risk. The good news? Understanding and managing that risk means you can beat the odds...

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VIDEO: Baked Salmon With Mustard Sauce Recipe

: Rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, this baked salmon recipe is nearly foolproof and is the perfect protein for your weeknight dinner plate.

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Returning To Life After A Heart Attack

: A heart attack is a scary and life-changing event. As you recover, here are tips for safely adding exercise, intimacy and healthy new habits to your l...

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What Is Heart Flutter?

: A cardiologist explains what you need to know if you experience heart flutter, or atrial fibrillation, which is the most common type of arrhythmia.

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