Infectious Disease

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Heading Outdoors? Watch Out For Ticks

: This summer, follow these tips to protect yourself from ticks when you head outdoors, and learn what to do if you find a tick or suspect a tick bite.

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Don’t Worry About Monkeypox, Just Stay Informed

: Cases of monkeypox have been reported in the U.S., but risk to the general public is low. Learn how it spreads and why it likely won't become a pandem...

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What’s The Difference Between Viral And Bacterial Infections?

: While they share a few similarities, viruses and bacteria are very different, from how they thrive to the treatments that work against them. An expert...

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How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Health

: From respiratory diseases to worsened mental health issues, climate change has already begun to impact our health. Here's how.


Unsure How To Handle Tick Bites? What You Need Know This Tick Season

: If you're spending time outdoors, learn how to prevent tick bites and what to watch for if you find a tick attached to your skin.

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I've Had My Shots, Now What? Life After The COVID-19 Vaccine

: The CDC has issued new guidelines on what fully vaccinated people can do. But don't go crazy just yet--even those who are vaccinated should still be c...

covid testing

Your COVID-19 Testing Guide: What You Need To Know Before Getting Tested

: COVID-19 testing has come a long way since March. To help protect yourself and those closest to you, make sure that you know when it is appropriate to...

why do we need multiple covid vaccines

Why Do We Need More Than One COVID-19 Vaccine?

: A few COVID-19 vaccines are showing very promising results in the late stages of clinical trials. So, if we find one that works, why not just stick wi...

covid holiday traditions

Making The Most Of Holiday Traditions During A Pandemic

: Holidays will, and should, look a lot different than other years. Fortunately, there are ways to safely spread holiday cheer without spreading the vir...

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