Infectious Disease


Worried About The Spread Of Viruses? Wash Your Hands

: It’s the best way to protect yourself from germs – from those causing foodborne illness to the flu and even the coronavirus. Yet, the adv...


What Is Sepsis?

: Caused by an infection in the bloodstream, sepsis is a leading cause of death, especially for the young, elderly and those with underlying medical con...

adult vaccine booster

Do You Need A Vaccine Booster?

: How to determine if you need a vaccination booster, even as an adult, and why previously eradicated diseases are on the rise.

person getting a vaccine

Have You Gotten Your Hepatitis A Vaccine?

: As the number of hepatitis A cases continues to rise across Michigan, people are urged to get vaccinated against the disease. Here's what you need to ...

mosquito repellent

Alternative Mosquito Repellent Options

: The search for a better mosquito repellent alternatives goes on, and the market for more natural approaches is buzzing. Here are some options.

young kid in the woods

Heading Outdoors? Watch Out For Ticks

: This summer, follow these tips to protect yourself from ticks when you head outdoors, and learn what to do if you find a tick or suspect a tick bite.

man looking at a pill bottle

Avoiding Antibiotic Overuse

: To safeguard your health (and get well if you’re ill!), here are 7 tips to minimize antibiotic overuse and understand the risks.


Is Double-Dipping Really Dangerous?

: It's a social no-no for good reason. Double-dipping may pose health risks for those next in the dipping line. Learn more from an infectious diseases e...

hand washing

What’s the Dirt On Antibacterial Soap?

: The FDA recently banned antibacterial soap for consumers. An infectious disease expert explains why and what you need to know about proper hand hygien...

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