Integrative Medicine

woman on phone

Tech Neck: Is Your Phone Causing You Pain?

: Many people spend more time looking down at screens and experiencing pain. A Henry Ford chiropractor explains tech neck and how to avoid and treat it.

yoga at work

How To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Life

: From stress relief on a hectic day to a confidence boost before an interview or presentation, learn how yoga can help you throughout your daily routin...


Reiki: Your Questions Answered

: A Henry Ford expert answers frequently asked questions about an age-old therapy called reiki.

dietary supplements

Supplement Safety: Is Your Multivitamin Really Boosting Your Health?

: Dr. M. Elizabeth Swenor, a Henry Ford functional medicine doctor, explains why supplements may not be safe and what you can do to protect yourself.

child sitting at counter eating

When Your Kid Wants To Go Vegan

: A Henry Ford expert explains how to support your child in the decision to go vegan while also meeting nutrient requirements for growth and development...

woman cupping patients back

What Is Cupping Therapy?

: It's not just for Olympic athletes and celebrities. A Henry Ford acupuncturist answers frequently asked questions about cupping.


Yoga Therapy Explained

: A Henry Ford yoga therapist answers frequently asked questions about yoga as a healing therapy.

woman getting a back massage

Massage Therapy 101

: In this beginner's guide to massage therapy, a licensed Henry Ford massage therapist answers frequently asked questions about what happens during a ma...

girl sticking her tongue out

Q & A: What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?

: Ever notice changes in the color, texture or coating of your tongue? A Henry Ford acupuncturist explains how your tongue can offer clues about your ov...

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