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How Do We Live With COVID-19?

: Everyone talks about living life amid the pandemic. But how do we do that? Here are an expert's tips on how to adjust to this new normal.

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Everything We Know About The Omicron Variant Right Now

: From symptoms to severity (and more) here's what experts know about this COVID-19 variant so far.

couple getting christmas tree

COVID-19 Cases Are High In Michigan. What Does This Mean For The Holidays?

: The pandemic is unfortunately still here--and Michigan is a hotspot. An expert shares how to stay safe this holiday season.

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Halloween Is On This Year, Experts Say

: Since it's outside, trick-or-treating is a low-risk activity. Here are a few tips to celebrating Halloween--and the fall season--safely. 

covid vitamin d

Will Boosting Your Vitamin D Intake Help Protect Against COVID-19?

: There are many ways that vitamin D is good for you, but how about when it comes to COVID-19? Get the truth about the benefits of vitamin D.

covid safe activities

Ranking COVID-Friendly Activities That Are Safe To Do This Spring

: While COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more available, more contagious strains of the coronavirus are spreading. Learn how to enjoy springtime activitie...

covid healthcare changes

How Has COVID-19 Changed The Way Hospitals Deliver Care?

: We asked health experts to reflect on how healthcare has changed over the last year. From highlighting teamwork to acknowledging health disparities, w...

covid one year

COVID-19, One Year Later: Experts Reflect On The Impact Of A Global Pandemic

: Looking back on the one-year mark of the pandemic, there are many takeaways and lessons to be learned. We asked health professionals to share some of ...

doctor discussions

The Importance Of Telling The Truth To Your Doctor

: Learn why the topics you're most embarrassed to address with your doctor are the same ones they most need to hear about.

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