Julie Fromm

woman with vegetables at farmers market

A Farmers Market Guide: Maximizing Your Shopping Trip

: A registered dietitian explains the benefits of shopping at farmers markets and offers her advice on making the most of your shopping trip.

Mood boosting foods

Mood-Boosting Foods: What You Eat Can Affect How You Feel

: It's true that the food we eat can affect how we feel. A registered dietitian nutritionist shares which key nutrients contain mood-boosting benefits a...

Instant Pot top view

How To Use Your New Kitchen Gadgets To Eat Healthy

: Did you get an Instant Pot or air fryer under the tree? We asked a registered dietitian for tips on using this year's hottest kitchen gifts to eat hea...

summer cooking

Beat The Heat: 5 Tips For Summer Cooking

: No one wants to spend time in a hot kitchen on a summer day. Here are 5 suggestions for summer cooking and eating healthy during a heat wave.

healthy snacks

10 Healthy Snacks That Wont Devastate Your Diet

: Snacking may seem like a bad idea diet-wise, but it can curb hunger and is a chance to sneak in extra nutrients you need. 10 ideas for healthy snacks.

holiday dessert

6 Ideas For Healthier Holiday Desserts

: No one wants to avoid their favorite holiday desserts this time of year but here are tips to tweak your sweets so they contain less sugar, fat and cal...

mothers day

Mother’s Day Her Way: 6 Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas

: A registered dietitian gives 6 healthy -- yet special -- ideas for breakfast in bed that are sure to make mom smile on Mother's Day.

bowl of spinach

Let These Greens Be Your Lucky Charms To Health

: Packed with vitamins and healthy chlorophyll that provides their vibrant color, here are ideas for how to include more greens into your diet.

slice of pie

How To Dish Up Delicious Pie With Less Guilt

: Pie is by no means a health food. But there are ways to trim the fat (and calories!) from your favorite pies while adding nutrition and flavor.

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