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Lip Care: How To Safely Protect Against And Care For Chapped Lips

: A dermatologist offers tips on how to attain smooth, soft lips -- even in cold, dry winter weather. 

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Is My Skin Condition Eczema Or Something Else?

: To the untrained eye, different skin conditions can look similar. A dermatologist shares how to tell them apart--and how to treat them. 

young woman washing her face

Are You Washing Your Face The Right Way?

: It seems simple but washing your face isn’t foolproof. A Henry Ford dermatologist offers 6 tips for face washing that will help keep your skin c...


Will Microneedling Lead to Younger Looking Skin?

: A Henry Ford dermatologist answers frequently asked questions about microneedling and explains who is not an appropriate candidate.

woman washing her face

DIY Facials: Your Kitchen’s Best Skin Care Products

: Healthy skin doesn't have to cost a fortune. A dermatologist recommends the best DIY products for clearer, smoother skin -- right from your own kitche...

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4 Summer Health Mysteries Solved

: You're familiar with summer hazards like dehydration and sunburn. But what about these 4 summer health mysteries? Learn more.

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5 Causes Of Dandruff (And How To Treat Them)

: A dermatologist explains the 5 common causes of dandruff and what you can do to treat it, and in some cases, even eliminate it all together.

woman looking at her skin

Acne And Diet: What’s The Connection?

: While the relationship of acne and diet is still under debate, a dermatologist suggests taking note of a few foods commonly cited as potential culprit...


Sunburn Basics: Take The Sting Out Of Sunburn

: Proper sun protection is the first line of defense, of course. But once a sunburn happens, it’s important to focus on healing fast. 6 ways to so...

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