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introvert extrovert

Introvert Or Extrovert? How Your Personality Type Can Impact Your Brain

: The differences between extroverts and introverts extend beyond their preferred activities. Their brains are different, too.

therapy for mental health

How Psychotherapy Can Benefit Your Mental Health

: Going to therapy can provide tools to help you cope with daily challenges, trauma, depression, anxiety, medical illness and loss.

person angry at phone

Why Does Everyone Seem So Angry All Of A Sudden?

: Pandemic rage is a real thing--and it's making people act more unruly than usual. A psychiatrist explains what what we can do about it. 

people on their phones

Why It’s Important To Get Out Of Your Echo Chamber—And How To Do It

: Being surrounded by like-minded people on social media and in real life can be detrimental in more ways than one. Here's how to broaden your horizons.

stress vs burnout

Burned Out Or Just Really Stressed? How To Tell The Difference

: Stress and burnout often overlap, but there is a clear difference. Learn to understand the key characteristics of each and what you can do about them.

woman looking at phone

Overwhelmed? How To Cope With Decision Fatigue

: Making decisions isn't easy--especially when they're fraught with worries of contracting COVID-19. An expert shares how to lighten your load and make ...


Are You An Empath? 8 Ways To Build Empathy

: During times of political unrest, loneliness and illness, it's important to cultivate empathy by putting yourself in other people's shoes.

woman on video call

How Staring At Our Own Faces On Video Calls Can Impact Body Image

: Find yourself examining your face during Zoom meetings? You're not alone. Here's how you can prevent it from becoming a source of anxiety.

happiness and satisfaction

Satisfaction Guaranteed: How To Create Your Own Happiness

: This year has got everyone feeling down. Learn how to find what makes you happy to promote positive mental health and long-term satisfaction.

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