M. Elizabeth Swenor


Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO): What You Should Know

: A Henry Ford expert answers frequently asked questions about SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and offers insight and tips for how to he...

dietary supplements

Supplement Safety: Is Your Multivitamin Really Boosting Your Health?

: Dr. M. Elizabeth Swenor, a Henry Ford functional medicine doctor, explains why supplements may not be safe and what you can do to protect yourself.

activated charcoal

Is Activated Charcoal Safe? 6 Facts About This Health Trend

: Activated charcoal is popping up in everything from toothpaste to skin care to smoothies, with people looking for a healthy way to detox, whiten teeth...

a group of women

A Woman’s Guide To Wellness At Every Age

: Essential wellness advice every woman needs to know to stay healthy at each age and stage of life, from health screenings to sexual and reproductive h...

group of woman laughing

Want To Age Gracefully? Adopt These Habits Now

: The idea that “good genes” are key to aging gracefully is simply not true. There’s a lot you can do to look and feel great as you ag...

hands in a heart on stomach

Video: What Is Gut Health?

: Ever wonder what the term gut health means? This video explains how healthy bacteria in your digestive system (aka your gut) leads to better overall h...

group of toothbrushes

20 Things That Can Get You Sick, Quick

: Scientists estimate that there are millions of trillions of bacteria in our world. Here are 20 common everyday culprits that spread germs and cause il...

breakfast ideas

What's For Breakfast? 7 Health Professionals Share

: Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? 7 doctors and nutrition experts share what THEY eat every morning and why breakfast matters for health.


Probiotics And More: How Healthy Bacteria Helps Your Gut

: We often think of bacteria as causing illness, but they’re also vital to preventing it & improving health. Cultivate a healthy gut with prob...

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