migraine aura

How To Spot Migraine Symptoms Early So You Can Take Action Sooner

: Learn how to recognize early symptoms of migraines when treatment can be most effective. Find out about as-needed and preventive migraine treatments.

stroke and age

Too Young For A Stroke? How Age Relates To Your Stroke Risk

: Whether you are young or old, an untreated stroke can be fatal. There are many factors that contribute to your risk for a stroke, regardless of your a...

music for mood

How To Use Music To Boost Your Mood

: Music impacts the way you think, move and breathe. Learn how you can shift your mood in minutes with music.

girl on phone

Why Is TikTok Giving Teen Girls Tics?

: Experts were initially perplexed at the rise of tics in teenage girls, but now they know that TikTok is partly to blame. Learn why.  

young women and ms

Why Young Women Are At Greater Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

: Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a complicated disease that disproportionately affects women; but a diagnosis isn't the end of the line.

person with headache

When Is A Head Injury Cause For Concern?

: An expert shares six tell-tale signs that you should head to the emergency room after hitting your head. 

woman smelling orange

What Can I Do To Regain My Sense of Smell And Taste After COVID-19?

: Something called olfactory training can stimulate the nerves to help you regain your sense of smell and taste. A neurologist explains how it works.

woman with migraine

Is Botox An Effective Treatment For Migraine Headaches?

: Botox treatments can be life changing for those who experience frequent, debilitating migraine headaches. Learn why.

baseline concussion testing

Is Baseline Concussion Testing Right For You? An Expert Weighs In

: Get the facts about baseline concussion testing before your sports season begins. This important screening tool can help guide your treatment if you g...

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