skipping breakfast

Skipping Breakfast? The Truth About The "Most Important Meal Of The Day"

: With intermittent fasting gaining ground in health and fitness circles, you may be wondering whether breakfast is really all it's cracked up to be.

teen nutrition

Do Teens Really Eat More? How To Support Growing Nutritional Needs

: Learn how parents and guardians can help educate teens young so they can make healthier food choices for themselves as they get older.

Michigan cherry chicken salad wraps recipe & video

Recipe & Video: Michigan Cherry Chicken Salad Wraps

: Chicken salad meets "Michigan salad" with the flavors of tart dried cherries, blue cheese, walnuts and apples in a light Greek yogurt dressing, served...


Not Ready For Strictly Plant-Based Eating? Try Out The Flexitarian Diet

: Vegetarian or vegan eating too extreme for you? A little flexibility might be just what you need to work towards making healthier food choices.

healthy ice cream

How To Indulge In Your Favorite Frozen Treats, Guilt-Free

: Whether you’re getting your ice cream fix at a local scoop shop or choosing from options at the store, learn how to enjoy this classic summertim...

Red White & Blue Potato Salad Recipe Video

Recipe & Video: Red, White & Blue Potato Salad

: This festive and lightened up potato salad, featuring a trio of potatoes, makes the perfect healthy potluck side dish for any 4th of July gathering.&n...

fancy coffee drinks

7 Ways to Lighten Up Your Go-To Fancy Coffee Order

: Is getting your daily caffeine fix sabotaging your health goals? Learn to transform your high-fat, high-sugar latte into a healthy beverage that'...


Is Your Caffeine Intake Negatively Impacting Your Mind and Body?

: Caffeine is the most widely used drug on the planet, but most of us don't understand how it affects mind and body.

Recipe & Video: Mini pudding cups 4 ways

Recipe & Video: Mini Pudding Cups 4 Ways

: When that sweet tooth hits, sometimes less is more. These mini pudding cups are versatile, easy, delicious and adorable -- with four fun flavor combin...

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