warmup different sports

How To Warm Up Correctly Before Playing Different Sports

: Before you launch into a workout, you need to warm up your joints and muscles.

lawnmower injuries

How To Stay Safe While Mowing The Lawn This Summer

: Lawnmowers can cause serious injuries. Learn what precautions you can take before, during and after mowing to stay safe all summer long.

woman playing baseball

Why Spring Sports Injuries Are Common And How To Prevent Them

: A lack of conditioning, uneven outdoor surfaces, and sport-specific movements can cause spring sports injuries. But minor injuries don't always mean y...

woman with knee pain

When Can I Walk Off Knee Pain—And When Should I See A Doctor?

: It can be tricky to know what type of pain requires a doctor's intervention. A sports medicine physician explains. 

woman getting dressed

8 Unhealthy Fashion Trends We’ve Sworn Off (Thanks To The Pandemic)

: One fashion lesson the pandemic taught us? Comfy is always better. Learn why these loose, cozy styles can actually be healthier, too.

person holding knee

Snap, Crackle & Pop: Why Do My Knees Make Noises—And Should I See A Doctor?

: An expert explains when noisy knees are normal--and when they require medical attention.

man with knee pain

How To Decide You’re Ready For Joint Replacement Surgery

: Think you're ready to take the leap? Before undergoing surgery, see if you've checked off this list of conservative treatment options.

man shoveling

How To Make Shoveling Less Painful (Physically, At Least)

: If it's not done properly, shoveling snow can cause back and shoulder pain. An expert shares how to make this cold-weather chore less painful.

woman with walker

Everything You Need To Know About Osteoarthritis

: Wondering whether you have osteoarthritis? An expert explains risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

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