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pitcher of water

Why You Should Drink More Water (And 5 Tips On How To Do It!)

: 40% of Americans drink less than half the water recommended daily but our bodies really need enough H20 for optimal health. Here are tips to stay hydr...

woman eating popcorn

Portion Distortion: Why It’s A Big(ger) Deal

: Serving size has skyrocketed over the years, making eating healthy more difficult than ever. Learn what's causing the problem, and ways to portion con...

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At Your Goal Weight? Great! Now What?

: People who succeed at losing weight and keeping it off shift their eating and exercise habits forever. Here are 9 tips to stay at your goal weight for...

intermittent fasting

Fasting: The Truth Behind The Latest Health Craze

: If you are thinking about trying intermittent fasting -- a recent weight-loss fad -- ask yourself these 5 questions before you get started.

weight loss

The Big Benefits Of Moderate Weight Loss

: Trouble reaching that goal weight? Studies show that even moderate weight loss makes a big impact on health, so take it slow and keep working toward i...

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7 Brain-Boosting Foods: Think About What You Eat

: Research suggests what you eat impacts more than just your waistline and heart health but your brain, too. Stock up on these brain-boosting foods now.

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The Dish On Diets: How 4 Popular Plans Measure Up

: Rather than trying the latest fad diet, here are 4 patterns of eating to adopt for a lifelong solution to shed pounds and maintain health.

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