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The Link Between HPV And Throat Cancer

: A head and neck cancer expert explains how HPV causes throat cancer, why there's a rise in HPV-related throat cancer and what to do to protect yoursel...

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Does Your Child Have A Stomach Bug?

: The term "stomach flu" is misleading. It refers to a stomach virus that has nothing to do with the flu. How to tell the difference and get your child ...

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Is Your Child Depressed? How to Help

: Depression affects up to 20 percent of kids by age 18. Advice for parents on identifying childhood depression and helping your child or teen cope.

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Autism And Puberty: A Parent’s Guide

: An autism expert offers advice for parents whose special needs children are going through puberty and the challenges this life stage can present.

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Promoting Good Sleep Habits For Your Child

: Enough sleep and a good bedtime routine are crucial for children and their development. Learn about some good sleep habits to promote in your child.

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6 Winter Health Myths

: Preventing seasonal illnesses can seem just as unpredictable as winter weather. We debunk some common myths about staying healthy during winter.

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Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

: Too many kids are sleep-deprived, which can lead to learning, behavioral and health issues. Establishing consistent sleep habits early on can help.

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2 Hours Of Screen Time For Your Child

: We've heard too much screen time is harmful for kids, but there are also some positives to TV, smartphone and technology use. Learn the pros and cons.

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Vaccinations: Are Your Kids Up To Date?

: Each year, health officials evaluate the latest research and update their childhood vaccinations recommendations. Here are a few of the latest changes...

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