baby sleeping

The Essential Guide To Safe Sleep For Your Baby

: Setting up a safe sleep space for your baby and following safe sleep practices are critical for preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Learn ...

teen sleeping on a desk

Is Your Teen Sleep Deprived?

: Many teens aren't getting the sleep they need due to a variety of biological factors that are often in conflict with their school and social schedules...

teen with anxiety

Anxiety In Teens: What Parents Need To Know

: A pediatrician offers advice for parents on identifying anxiety in teens and how to figure out if it's serious. She also shares tips on helping your t...

father and son washing vegetables

10 Tips To Establish Healthy Childhood Eating Habits

: Healthy eating habits are more likely to stick when you establish them early in life. But getting your kids to eat healthy isn't always easy. Here are...

picky eaters

Preventing Picky Eaters

: Picky eaters are a source of worry and frustration for parents everywhere. A pediatrician offers advice for starting your baby or toddler off on the r...

young africian american boy smiling

Surviving Cold & Flu Season Like A Champ

: Sometimes the best offense is defense. Here are 4 tips for protecting you and your family from illness and germs this the cold and flu season.

young child and doctor

Understanding Ear Aches And Ear Infections

: My ear hurts.” Almost every parent hears this complaint from their young child at some point or another. Ear aches and ear infections are a freq...

sleeping baby

Baby Monitors: 4 Common Sense Tips

: Technology has lead to more advanced baby monitors, from live videos on your smart phone to those that track breathing and heart rate. But is it too m...

family game night

10 Ideas For Indoor Fun With Kids

: 10 boredom-busting kids activities to help transform a day spent indoors into a fun adventure that encourages getting fit, imaginative play and family...

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